The Hemi's on the Farm: Part One, Cats and Shoebox Chevys

I was told a story, about a magical place out in Iowa, a place full of rare Mopars. I was told, “It is definitely worth the trip”. So one Friday after work I drove to the middle of Iowa to see if the stories I had heard was true. Things did not go 100% to plan, but it is it was absolutely worth the trip.

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The 5 hour drive there was grueling, especially after work. The closest, largest town near the mythical location had a very nice hotel. I stayed there over night that way I could get a jump on finding the place Saturday. The next morning on my way through town, I discovered the local park had old Milwaukee Road diesel locomotive and train cars. That was surprising to see early in the morning!

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Making my way roughly to the location where the cars were suppose to be. I discovered a farm that had a 70 Dodge Coronet R/T sitting outside in their yard. I went and knocked at the door, unfortunately nobody was home except for some newborn kittens that had decided to climb up me, until their mom called them for breakfast.

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Heading to the nearest town, I discovered a 70 Plymouth Superbee and a Ford Thunderbird in an old gas station. With no information on who owned the cars or such, I went across the street for breakfast. The nice people in the diner and local auto parts store said that they didn't know the guy with the gas station, but the owner if the local RV Dealership was a car guy and that he would be around later.

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So I spent a few hours driving around the Iowa countryside finding other barn finds. Including a C3 Corvette Convertible, an El Camino and some old trucks.

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Getting back to the small town, the owner of the RV Dealership had gotten back and he was more then happy to show what cars he had hiding in the basement. There was nothing really rare, just a bunch of cool cars. A Formula Fiero, a 1964 Oldsmobile 442 with a Corvette 427 stuffed in it. Two Chevrolet Impalas tucked in the corner. Some very nice cruisers. There was also a 59 I believe El Camino and a little electric car. At this point I had no idea I had accidentally turned off automatic focus, and all the pictures were coming out fuzzy in low light.

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The owner said that he had some friends down the street that I should go visit, that they were very nice people and that they had some really cool cars, including a newer Sublime Green Charger Daytona. So we meandered over to their home and I was not disappointed, the Charger was Sublime Green, as was their His and Hers Shoebox Chevrolet's. Their whole garage was setup like the ultimate Car Den. All the scale models they had of Shoebox Chevy's were painted to match. They even had a parade float with a variety of scale models from 1/64 all the way to the original 1/1, all painted the same. It was definitely nice to see that the husband and wife both were so deeply ingrained in the car culture and still happily married!

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Time was running short, as I had to get back to Davenport, IA for a Car Cruise, so I wished my new friends well and headed back to the Farm where the cars were sitting, hoping that the owner had returned.

Next Blog: The 69 Hemi Charger 500 in the Tractor Shed! 

The original  Hot Rod  Magazine Article: Big Hemi Adventure

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Big Lapse Of Judgement

Yeah? Well. Watch THIS:

Learning from the mistakes and lack of footage from the MRolla project, we were pretty diligent setting up the tripod every day we were at the shop working on the FX32.

Footage was shot one frame every 30 seconds, for a total of 20,684 stills, representing over 172 hours at the shop. There were maybe 5 hours we were unable to shoot over the course of the project. I rendered it in 800x600, and to get the length down while using ALL of the still images, it is 60 fps. It was the first time I'd ever used Adobe Premier Pro, so there was a little time lost to the learning curve, but I really enjoyed putting it together, and I'm just a bit proud of the results.

Yes, you do recognize the music. English Beat's "March Of The Swivel Heads", an instrumental remix of "Rotating Heads", is the song at the end of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". I did do a bit of editing and extending to sync the song's and video's features.

I'm glad this video project is done, but if someone had some good in-car or bumper-cam footage of the FX32 on track, or especially any footage of the crash with Metro-Gnome at the final turn of the race, I would love to include such footage.

I'm a bit disappointed with the quality of the Youtube stream. I think once it gets enough traffic Youtube enables HQ, but I'm not sure how that works. Youtube will allow you to download the full quality MP4 file.

FAQ About Me

as many of you already know, I have recently hit over 100k views on my Teen Car Guy blog. So I’m making this for all of the people who want to know how I make my articles and other things that go into making the Teen Car Guy webpage.

How did you get the idea?

One morning, I came downstairs to get some breakfast before school, it had been a particularly late night because I had been working on a essay that was due today, In my school, there are many essay competitions, and I usually win those. I have always been a great writer, and I’m currently trying to become a grant writer for a non-profit in NC. But writing about how a plant grows, or the dangers of dugs, I wanted to write about cars! Since the day I was born, I have always been a car fanatic, so starting a blog that was about car reviews seemed appropriate.

How Fast Did You Grow?

To give you an idea on how fast this took off, my first month of blogging, December 2012, I obtained 451 page views for the month, fast forward to April 2013, I currently have over 65,000 views for the month, and there's still five days left in April. I never expected it to take off so fast, it’s crazy. February I had around 2000 views, and then march comes along and a achieve 40,000, its great.

What's Your Most Popular Article?

Right this very second it is the Top 10 Cars Under 20k, and that post has a little over 7k views. Strange thing it, my very first post is in close second with a 6400 views. 

How Long Does It Take To Write An Article?  

Most of the time, for my lists, it takes around a week to write, while my reviews only take 2-3 days. Although I’m such a bad speller that I sometimes have to take an hour just to spell check.

What's your dream car?

Right now it has to be the Boss 302, that car is so bad to the bone. 444hp and an array of modifications to make it an absolute beast on the track, make it a top car for me.

What do you want your first car to be?

Realistically, I think a Mini Cooper S would be a great car, that turbo just sounds so good, and I grew up around Minis which I’ll get to that latter, But a Porsche 944 wouldn't be all that bad either, who doesn't like  pop-up headlights!

What got you started on cars?

 Way back in the year 2002, my father bought one of the very first Mini Coopers in the United States (cool right?) And I instantly became in love with the Mini culture. In 2005, after we had done many modifications to the car, and started a Mini Cooper graphics company (Cooper Flags) it was time to move to the freezing cold state of Michigan, which meant the Mini was to be sold. Fast forward to 2012 and we had found a 1974 Austin Mini Cooper for sale, right in our town, so we bought it, although we only kept it for the summer, It was a heck of a car.

What's next?

What can you expect from Teen Car Guy in the next few months, first off, my new Wordpress website (which looks much cleaner than Blogger, although the page only receives 1\10 of the views on my blogger site) YouTube Channel
 is going to start soon (June) with reviews on new, used cars, as well as first drives and tips. But most of all, expect some great posts that are written by just an ordinary car teen.

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Bahrain Grand prix 2013


 acrylic on paper 7x14"

Bahrain Grand prix 2013

Greystone Mansion (of Beverly Hills) Concours de Elegance is 2 weeks away, if you're considering coming in from out of town, here is new info about hotel packages

Hotel & Dining Packages Added to Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance

The May 5 Concours is a Destination Event, as the Greystone Mansion is one of only a few nationally registered historic landmarks in Southern California and on May 5 the entire Mansion will be open to attendees of the 2013 Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance, (including seldom-seen wings such as the speakeasy and billiards) the event coordinators have engaged world-class Beverly Hills businesses to offer hotel and restaurant packages to ticket holders: The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Montage Beverly Hills, The Avalon Hotel and the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel as well as prix fixe dinner offers from Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Bouchon Bistro, Scarpetta and Fleming’s Beverly Hills.

  Ticket sales are online at, and the site is also a portal for exclusive hotel packages.

The event is an annual fundraiser for the ongoing restoration and preservation of Greystone. This year’s event will honor the 60th anniversary of the Corvette and the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Porsche 911 RS as well as present classes featuring 135 pre-war European and American classics plus a full field of motorcycles.

Admission tickets are all-inclusive and provide admission to the Concours along with gourmet food, soft and hard beverages, free expert-led lectures on the history of the Beverly Hills Hotel and tabloid scandals in Beverly Hills, a commemorative program and poster, a fashion show sponsored by Concorso Italiano, awards ceremony and access to the high-end vendor marketplace. Each ticket also includes convenient, off-site parking, shuttle service and two-for-one entrance to the Peterson Automotive Museum. To enhance the atmosphere, ticket sales are strictly limited to 3000.

The Greystone Concours d’Elegance is produced by the City of Beverly Hills with the support of Friends of Greystone. The 2013 Greystone Concours d’Elegance will take place Sunday, May 5, 2013. For more information, please call 310.285.6830 or visit For media inquiries, please contact Jessica Emerson at

Greystone Mansion has been featured in dozens of motion picture and television productions, including The Big Lebowski, Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, Eraserhead and There Will Be Blood. The latter’s grisly penultimate scene was filmed in the rarely open-to-public Greystone bowling alley. “This is a remarkable opportunity for history buffs, cinema fans and people interested in Los Angeles pop culture,” says Cindy Brynan, director of the Greystone Concours. “Of course, our Concours provides an unparalleled experience for automobile and motorcycle aficionados, but folks might not realize what a unique opportunity it is to be able to explore all of Greystone.”

all of these photos are from my photos of the 2012 event, and there are hundreds more at